What our customers are saying about us

Always a great class, i have been going to brad offutt 's yoga class at least 3 days a week ,since February. It has changed my life , im thinner, mentally clearer and happier. ♡ Namaste ♡ A.F.

 This class has changed my life I suffer from chronic migraines. I am now having fewer and fewer the more I come. I love the people and the class is challenging but they don't make you feel like you are behind or over weight they make you feel welcome and accepted by all.

super class , best way to start your day! C.D.

Awesome class! Brad is so patient and a wonderful teacher, explaining each pose during the class as we go. S.S.

Such a great class; some of the most challenging exercise coupled with an outstanding instructor. Brad, you inspire and motivate me all at the same time. Your commitment to your students is evident. Heart and Soul is the best!

 ​Tempe's class was super- the right combination of challenging and refreshing. Thanks for the continued encouragement.