Testimonials on ”MOBILITY FREEDOM TECHNIQUE“ Trigger Point/Fascia sessions

I wish I knew earlier!  My 16-year-old son was diagnosed with Sever's Disease over a year ago, a common growth plate issue in his heel.  VERY painful, prevented him from participating in a year of athletics.  After OVER ONE YEAR of doctor’s appointments, being in a boot for 6 months, physical therapy x2/3 weekly for 6 months (and missing school), we felt the issue was gone, he had outgrown it, finished with a major growth spurt.  After working out all summer, football began.  And the pain came back.  Basic calisthenics and impact or quick movements caused pain.  Heal pain, rolling up his Achilles and his calf.  He said his pain was like knives stabbing him in his heal.  He could not practice for over a week, I then made the doctor’s appointment, knowing he would be out for at least two weeks.  We were crushed thinking we would have repeat of the previous year.  
One day prior to my son’s podiatrist appointment (which I cancelled the next day), Brad spent two hours with him.  Brad used his Mobility Freedom technique for fascia shearing, realign the nerves and other good stuff.   My son was in pain for about 2 days after, very sore.  BUT THEN THE THIRD DAY he was back almost 100%.  Still a little tight but doing his daily stretching per Brad.  We are amazed.  It has been almost three weeks since Brad worked on my boy.  He is still doing his stretching and exercises, fully able to participate in football, NO PAIN!  Beyond thankful. 
I would HIGHLY recommend Brad’s magic touch to anyone, especially for issues that may be thought to be doctor related or not thinking massage can help.  My son is a testimony to this.  I don’t usually write reviews but I cannot help but hope someone else reads this and can relate.  I know football isn’t life and there is more to look forward to.  But for a 16-year athlete, it can be devastating for that moment.  Brad changed that for my son.  Brad, thank you for committing to helping others.  For helping us.

I scheduled an appointment with Brad for my husband. Due to an old back injury my husband was in excruciating pain that usually flares up several times per year. This pain is debilitating. He is unable to function and can barely get out of bed. After his session with Brad he is now completely out of pain. This is nothing short of a miracle. We have tried a gamut of things to alleviate the pain. Pain drugs and muscle relaxers weren't even working. I am very grateful that we found Brad. I highly recommend anyone who is in pain to go see Brad!

Brandi Schwartz

After my sister shared her experience with Brad Offutt and his Freedoms Mobility Massage Technique I wanted to see if he could help my body. Turning 60 yrs old this yr and a life time of aches and pains from injuries and emotions which were stuck in my joints and muscles! 
The Freedom Mobility Massage has been Spectacular! 
Last weekend my 13yr old Granddaughter and her friend came to spend the weekend and we attended a Benefit Dance which we danced our boots off! A year ago I would have never been able to make it through a  [💃]    dance.
I would highly recommend Brad Offutt and his Massage techniques for longevity [❤] ️
Traci Rannefeld 
Brad is the most compassionate and caring person in his profession.  He actually listens to what his customers are feeling and he has this vision of how to help us.   I am 57 years old and he has me on the road to a marathon in February!  Last year I couldn’t run, but thanks to him I’m feeling like I’m 37!  If you’re in pain  and feel you have no way of relief please call this amazing man and he will get you on the path to a healthy and PAIN free life!
Pam Klotz
Amazing. Enlightening. Eye Opening. Relaxing. Rejuvenating. Intense! Those are just a few words I can find to describe my first time experience receiving a Ashiatsu massage from Brad! I had NO idea what BAGGAGE my body has been dragging around. Seriously within minutes I was feeling the release. He walked me through and explained all that he did and why. Less than 24 hours and I already feel leaner, and stronger both mentally and physically! Thank you Brad see ya next week
Joy Graham 
The mobility freedom technique works!  I hold all stress and tension in my neck and shoulders, plus I've been working at a computer for 35 years.  This is not a good combination:-) .  When I left his office, I felt no pain in my shoulder for the first time in 3 months.


I want to share my experience with you about  Dr. Amy and Brad. I am so grateful for my healing that I have received from their combined effort to help me regain my health. I have been  a patient of  Dr. Amy for several years. I have truly benefited from her abilities to help me  heal from a total body concept. One size does not fit all in her practice. You are one of a kind starting with a total blood panel which helps determine where one starts to get the healing of the whole body.
About a year ago I had a total hip replacement. After several months of not healing as quickly as I thought I should, I went to Dr. Amy for her opinion. She encouraged me to see Brad. When I  saw Brad for first time I was still on a cane and in much pain when I walked. In an hour or more with him  he taught me how to help heal my leg. I followed his instructions which included his “Mobility Freedom Technique”, banding and some movement exercise. During this time I received several ozone treatments from Dr. Amy.  It has been a journey of healing but I have received so much encouragement support, and help from Dr.Amy, Brad ,Kathy, and all the office staff. I am pain free and looking forward to the rest of my health journey. A GRATEFUL thank you to such a wonderful group of caring people.


Bailey is 17 years old and experienced what we assumed was shoulder injury in a basketball game, and it was further aggravated by continuing to play with it for 3 weeks. We originally saw a physical therapist that took her through diagnostics to be sure it wasn’t separated. His treatment option was to take her through 4 weeks of traditional therapy before she could play again. This was very discouraging because we were right in the middle of basketball season. Brad offered to take a look and see what help he could provide. On the first morning we went in, she could barely raise her straightened arm above chest level without considerable pain. He explained everything to her (and me ) as he worked on her, a continual dialogue that made her comfortable and helped her understand why he was doing what he was doing. It also helped Brad determine more precisely where the actual injury was. At the end of this first session, she was able to raise her arm comfortably all the way above her head. We followed up with ozone injections and then another session and she was able to play fully in the next game. Bailey asked for a couple more sessions over the next 2 weeks to work out a few sore areas, each time having considerable improvement until she had complete range of motion pain free. The fact that she asked for these sessions was impressive to me because I knew she was comfortable and it was effective. We were impressed with the technique and its logic, along with Brad’s knowledge and sweet care for Bailey.
Last April, just days before my daughter’s State Tennis Tournament, she developed a constant pain in her foot preventing her from being able to fully walk or run on it. After only two “MOBILITY FREEDOM TECHNIQUE” treatments to her foot, ankle and leg, the pain was completely gone, and she was able to bring home the TAPPS State Tennis championship. Without Brad’s treatment and help, she would not have been able to play at all. Since then, she has had no reoccurrence or symptom of the foot problem. - Donna Wilcox
SO good!! I slept last night for the first time in years without waking from discomfort. Amazing the difference ”MOBILITY FREEDOM TECHNIQUE“ made! I can’t wait to do it again a few more times and get myself into a good, healthy balance. 🙂 C. H.
So, today I tried ”MOBILITY FREEDOM TECHNIQUE“ sessions, instead of going to the chiropractor, for my back pain...and it was awesome.
Thank you Brad! J.R.
My name is Pam Klotz and I have an amazing story to share with anyone who has lived with pain and not able to get any relief from it. I have had the pleasure of meeting Brad Offutt from heart and soul yoga. I had heard about him through friends that attended his ”MOBILITY FREEDOM TECHNIQUE“ sessions. I did not realize he did something called ”MOBILITY FREEDOM TECHNIQUE“ , so I asked him if he could help me with my neck because I walked into my horse trailer, and about knocked myself out. Well this was the start of a life changing event that has now lead me to a pain free lifestyle. His ”MOBILITY FREEDOM TECHNIQUE“ was so amazing I asked him if he could help me with my hip. I broke my hip four years ago in a horse accident. I have tried every "treatment" available to me even pain meds. All did not help me with the constant pain and aggravation of hindering my lifestyle. Riding horses is my job and I also am an avid runner. Now here comes Brad to the rescue, last week we started the ”MOBILITY FREEDOM TECHNIQUE“ on my hip. With ONE session I was walking and riding and running pain free!!!! He is my miracle worker❤️. We are going to continue with a session per week not only for my hip but my entire body. I have spent thousands of dollars to try to get this issue resolved with no relief. Brad did it for 50$. If anyone who is reading this lives with the pain I did I urge you to call Brad and let him work his magic, you won't regret it, and it may just change your life like it did mine!!
Sincerely Pam


Why have i not known about this all my life???
D ”MOBILITY FREEDOM TECHNIQUE“ with brad has been unbelievably awesome! So relaxing and peaceful. Left me feeling like jello. Pretty sure I’ve stretched areas that have never been stretched before! The compression is incredible. So relaxing! Who knew?!
If you haven’t done it....you’re missing out on a wonderful experience. By far better than other modalities.... Thank you Brad for another one of your many talents.
With love SC
I can attest to “MOBILITY FREEDOM TECHNIQUE” extraordinary benefits too.
John Author Martinez
check out what ”MOBILITY FREEDOM TECHNIQUE“ can do to help really open up and pain, tightness or soreness!!!! Brad Offutt has worked his “magic” on me & I felt such a surge of relief from this....I’m a true believer!!! S.F.


I want to give feedback letting people know how AMAZING this service is. I suffer from severe pain in my right side especially my right SI joint and hip flexor. I have tried years of many things such as ”MOBILITY FREEDOM TECHNIQUE“ and chiropractor alignments. Yoga helped the most but when Brad Offutt brought this RebelThai style ”MOBILITY FREEDOM TECHNIQUE “ into my world I was completely transformed!!! I had never had that amount of relief from anything I had tried prior. Brad is definitely talented when it comes to ”MOBILITY FREEDOM TECHNIQUE“ & this offer is incredible. Be prepared to breathe and feel better than you ever have before!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 kudos to you for offering this Brad!!!!

One session with Brad and I'm hooked! His understanding of the body and movement combined with his caring energy left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
I feel phenomenal and I'll make sure to drink more water. You helped my my body to release a lot of junk. Now to cleanse it, right? 🙂
I will certainly spread the word about your talent and magic ”MOBILITY FREEDOM TECHNIQUE“ 😀

Brad, thank you so much. And I feel super energized. Awesome stuff!

Just FYI, I felt great all day. No soreness as I expected. Also, I got an ozone injection in my shoulder today so we’ll see what that does. Thanks for all you do Brad!!

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